Hypersegmented content personalization.

Configure, instantly generate, and deliver personalized content to customers.

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Pixai platform
Configure, generate, and deliver content with Pixai

Search. Select. Generate.

Pixai is a digital content creation, management, and delivery platform that enables sales and marketing teams to configure, instantly generate, and deliver personalized content to customers.

Personalize content with Pixai

Segment your audience.

Unlike other solutions, Pixai’s personalization capabilities allow for the selection of optimal topics and materials for each sales opportunity.

Personalize content with Pixai
Select, mix, and deliver customized content with Pixai

Do more. Work less.

Users can use existing content to mix, build, and deliver customized sales pieces instantly, thereby reducing the time, cost, and complexity of developing personalized sales and marketing tools.

Built for business.

Empower every text swish employee with access to create and personalize content. Here is why:

Sales managers spend too much time coordinating custom communications

“I just need one small fix – how quickly can I get that done?”

Marketing teams spend a lot of time on project coordination

“Two weeks for content, two weeks for review, two weeks for legal, two weeks for design… so it will be ready in two months!”

Sales managers lack control of content

“This piece is a little too complex; I only want to include the first and the last paragraph.”

Marketing teams need to keep all resources up to date

“Brand updates take so long to implement. Half of our materials still use the old guidelines, and it has taken us three months to update the rest.”

Sales managers do not know that content exists

“Quick – I need a material that explains how we track cookies for my contact in the analytics group? Do we have that?”

Marketing teams struggle to manage and distribute marketing resources

“We have created so many great resources. Why doesn’t our sales team use them?”

The sales tools at your hand.

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